Jesus Christ

This is one of the most powerful prayer that i have been guided to write until now, she is at save with a voice recording (there is free voice recording online) and read the audio in a « loop » mode (there is loop mode on Itunes for example), during days, more if need, pray at the same time to amplify the healing effects and the miracles, there is no need to listen the diffusion of the audio you can let it spin while you are sleep or not at your home for example : Free voice recording :

« God Truth Love Light, God God God, Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ, in the name of God and Jesus Christ, God and Jesus Christ, God and Jesus Christ, God and Jesus Christ

Erase all karma, Erase all karma, Erase all negatives karma. Take all our problems, pain and illness, remove all blockages in the name of the Divine Force. Graciate Gracie Gracie Gracie, Gracie, Gracie, Gracie Protect Protect Protect, Guide Bless Inspire, Heal Heal Heal, Transmute into pure light, Purify Purify Purify, Graciate Gracie Gracie Gracie Gracie , Consciously unconsciously in all dimensions

Me First name + Last name, and put the whole list of other first names + last names (30 people maximum).

God In the name of the Living Jesus Christ Living Jesus Christ in the name of God. God, and also all planet earth human beings animals and all that exists in the entire universe in all dimensions consciously unconsciously in past present and future lives. God It is done in the name of Jesus Christ, God. God Thank you tank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. God, Jesus Christ Gracie All Purify All Heal All THANK YOU - Infinite Gratitude to Jesus Christ and God »

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