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Extraterrestrial Personal Observations :

For anyone wishing to see it with their own eyes, you can try by simply asking all the time while looking at the sky "I ask to see the positive ETs now", preferably in the evening after dark, and I also think that the more people there are who ask at the same time, the more likely it is that one or more observations will take place.

• Around 2010/2011 :

I saw a saucer with colors rolling my eyes momentarily when I was out in Paris one evening with friends near the banks of the Seine. When I think back to the colors I have the impression that they were from another dimension. This memory is quite strange and fuzzy, I feel like I told my friends I saw aliens, I saw a saucer, but maybe I didn't say anything, the memory is not clear. In my memory it lasted 1 to 2 seconds but I can't know how long it really lasted.

In my memory, I looked up, saw the saucer, was more than amazed, I lowered my head, raised my head, and there was nothing. But I feel like looking back, it's like there was some kind of crack in time or space, I feel like maybe I saw another dimension for a few moments. I don't know what the truth is about this.

• Around the end of July 2020 :

It was past midnight, I can't remember the exact time.
I was sitting in front of my computer and I had a feeling that crossed me: « Come out if you want to see us ».
I felt that it was real, real, that if I went out it was really going to be, that I was really going to see it, but I also had doubts at the same time, and I thought to myself that I was probably wrong. .
But the feeling that wasn't really going away came back, I felt impelled to go out into the garden and see if they were really there.
So I went out and looked at the sky, there was nothing.
So I say looking up at the sky something like, « If you're here I want to see you ».

And as soon as I asked for a piece of a ship of light appeared just above my head, a few meters from me.

It lasted a second, the tip of the lightship unfolding, then unfolding again. I don't know if it made any noise.
It came as a huge shock to me because I had never seen this before.
I put spontaneously without thinking my right hand on my heart and I thanked.

I was extremely scared, but it wasn't fear as if I felt in danger, because I didn't feel in danger at all.

It was more of a terror more like a shock, I don't know how to put it, I think it was so far from what I'm used to seeing that it scared me a little, maybe - be that I don't know.
In any case I did not feel any danger, on the contrary moreover, the end of the vessel of light that I saw was so luminous, not luminous like an electric bulb, luminous like divine light, it was extraordinary.

And even if I hadn't seen that bit of light you just have to honestly listen to yourself or ask your heart, the Source, to get the answer. There are positive beings and negative ones, and those who are currently helping humanity, which we will soon see massively, are positive.

From what I have read, felt, and been answered by asking God Source, there are so many different races and species of living beings in the universe and not all of them are benevolent to humanity, but there are some who are actually benevolent, positive, towards humanity.

I think they showed me a perfect % of the lightship, compared to what I was ready to see, I figure if they had shown me more I might have been too shocked , and that if they had shown me less, I would have taken it for an illusion.

• August 9, 2020 :

I just saw the alien ship again, differently this time:

I was in the garden, I was looking at the sky, and I asked several times while staring at the sky, I don't know what the exact words were anymore but it was something like: "I ask to see positive extraterrestrials of light now ".

At one point, it didn't last more than a second, I saw the ship again. I did not see a piece of light from the ship again, this time I saw part of the outline of the ship almost invisible. It's as if he had reduced his % of invisibility or rather reduced his vibrations because he's in a parallel dimension, but just the right % so that I see something that doesn't shock me too much, that isn't violent. for my psyche, something I'm willing to see.

It moved just above my dwelling (diagonally skyward), a few feet from where I had first seen the tip of the lightship.

Regarding what I was asking while looking at the sky it was sentences like:

« I ask to see positive extraterrestrials »
« I ask to see positive extraterrestrials of light »
« I ask to see positive extraterrestrial vessels of love light »
« I ask to see the galactic brothers present of whom Monique Matthieu speaks »

A few minutes after writing and sharing the above message via my computer on social networks, I received a message internally:

“The galactic confederation salutes you”. It was I think at that time a telepathic communication. And so they would greet me after momentarily showing themselves to me.

And a few minutes after writing and sharing that they said to me "The galactic confederation salutes you", I felt a very pleasant strong energy connecting to my right arm, as if they were sending me good vibes / vibrations of 'love.

• November 27, 2020 :

Looking at the sky I feel more and more the presence of ships, I feel the presence of extraterrestrials more and more for several months, it intensifies more and more.
I sometimes see almost invisible forms and/or very faint "strings" of color or light and I feel that these are vessels.
I am also not the only one, many feel their presence more and more, and some see it.

• December 10, 2020 :

I saw again 4~5 times, in these waters, a piece of a vessel through my window, around 6-7:20 p.m.
I think they will soon manifest massively for all to see.

At 9:30 p.m., a Pleiadian spoke to me telepathically and he happens to be right above my house in I believe the ship of which I have seen a bit of light several times. When he spoke to me telepathically he addressed me by showing me his face. He really looked like a human being, if he was on the street everyone would have thought he was a human being (unless they felt he was not a human being but a pleiadian ). He says "hello little brother". As soon as he entered into telepathic communication with me and I saw him in my mind I instantly knew he was a Pleiadian but his physique was truly that of a human being.

I believe their manifestation is here now but I don't want to say anything or give illusions or anything.
I know they exist, I have seen them several times, but concerning the date of their massive demonstrations I do not want to create false hopes.
Nevertheless, from what I feel, maybe it will happen now, or very soon.

• December 11, 2020 - around 1:45 p.m. :

Hello, the being of the Pleiades pushes me to write to you, to tell you, to send you the information that they are coming (well they are already there I believe) but that they are going to show themselves, to manifest themselves en masse in the heavens , and that above all we must not be worried about their presence, and that it will be necessary to reassure « the little people » / those who are afraid of them, they tell me « we love you ».

• December 17, 2020 - around 7 p.m. :

I had been on a water fast for about 24 hours (I was drinking water and coffee but not eating, by the way coffee is strongly discouraged when fasting). There were about thirty minutes left before the Carrefour closed, and I felt pushed to go buy myself a dish that I like, but I also wanted to hold on and continue the fast I was doing.

Despite the fact that it was tempting I preferred to keep the fast, but around 7:15 p.m., when the Carrefour was closing in 15 minutes, I was pushed even more to go to the Carrefour to buy me the dish I wanted, and I I then looked at the sky through my window and I spoke in spirit to the extraterrestrials and I said to them something like : « Show me if it is so that I go to the crossroads ».
And as soon as I asked for a piece of the light ship appeared. It was amazing ^^.
Despite everything, I preferred to continue fasting. But, I was still really pushed, even more this time, to go buy myself a dish, I didn't even have a choice, so I rushed there.

• Channeling August 18, 2021 :

« The veil that prevents you from seeing us is about to disappear. In a relatively short time (summer 2023) we will appear, so we ask everyone to keep calm, because it is for the highest good of all that we will show up in your skies. Chances are high for this to happen in 2022, low for 2021 (this would require an effort to raise awareness on the part of a large number of inhabitants of your planet), and there are 0.3 % chance for this to happen in 2024. (…) ». The rest of the channel here : http://maxime-sayd.e-monsite.com/pages/questions-reponses-ressenti/canalisation-18-aout-2021.html

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